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Our Environmental Policy


John Downs Ltd may be a small family run by Paul, Frances and Heather wholesaler business but we would like to share our environmental policy with you.

We are committed to try and reduce unnecessary packaging on all our orders. We also try and re-cycle as many materials as possible ie cardboard boxes and plastic packaging as much as possible. To reduce one-use plastic as much as we can and to encourage our customers to re-use as much of our packaging as they possibly can.

As far as we are aware all the packaging we use ie brown paper, cardboard and wrapping plastic is re-recyclable. We encourage our customers to dispose of any wrapping items in line with local re-recyclable policies in their area.

All plastic, paper and cardboard waste that we cannot use in the warehouse for re-packaging is re-cycled by a not-for- profit organisation in Hull which uses its profits for community projects.

We encourage our suppliers to take into consideration environmentally ways of production especially cotton.

We also try to buy as many products as we can that are produced in the UK to cut down on unnecessary air miles.

Protecting the environment as much as we can is part of our business plan and we look for other ways of protecting our environment both locally and beyond.