FAQ Curtain Linings

Curtain linings are often overlooked, but they are one of the integral parts of the curtain itself. Making an impact on light penetration, noise reduction and even the amount of heat that enters a room, curtain linings are an important factor to consider when selecting your curtains.

Are your linings washable?

Yes our linings are washable before they are sewn to another fabric. Once two fabrics are sewn together the manufacturers will not guarantee the fabrics from shrinkage, sheering or tearing from the other fabric while being washed due to the weight of wet fabrics. We always recommend curtains should be vacuum cleaned regularly or dry cleaned.

Are all your curtain linings 100% Cotton?

No, not all our curtain linings are 100% cotton. 100% cotton curtain linings include Solpruffe, Platinum Curtain Lining and our FR 100% Cotton Curtain Lining. Click here to see our range.

We are pleased to offer the Solprufe range of finishes: Being a highly regarded name within the home furnishing sector, Solprufe is well known as a high quality UK-produced fabric.

What are the differences between the linings?

Solpruffe is 100% cotton with a level 5 UV sun protection with 96 threads per square inch

Platinum Cotton Curtain Lining is also a Solpruffe Brand and is 100% cotton with level 6 UV sun protection, 116 threads per inch and, treated with Solpruffe Gold and Teflon for anti-creasing and has an anti-damp coating.

Flame Retardant 100% Cotton Sateen  Lining with level 5 UV sun protection and with a non-durable fire retardant coating. This must be re-applied it the lining gets wet. Conforms to Meets and conforms to BS 5867 pt 2B and a copy of the certification will be sent with the lining. This is also a Solpruffe brand.

Can I use these linings in any room in the house?

Yes these linings can be used in any room., the Platinum Cotton Curtain Lining may be more suitable for bathroom use due to its anti-damp coating.

Are Poly Cotton Curtain Linings not as good as 100% cotton linings?

No definitely not. It is a matter of personal taste, and if you like your fabrics made from cotton. We have excellent poly cotton liningsThey don’t need a UV coating as the dye is incorporated into the polyester before the fabric is woven making it less likely to fade.

What is Thermal Lining?

Our Thermal Lining is a very soft heavy poly cotton lining weighing 400 grams per metre. This lining gives a lovely volume to curtains.

The back is brushed to give it a larger surface area which traps more air and provides a barrier to sound.

What is Bonded Lining?

Our bonded lining  or fleece backed lining is a poly cotton lining bonded together with a fleece backing. It is excellent for roman blinds as it gives a crisp edge to the folds and also works well in curtains

What is a blackout lining?

Blackout linings are a base cloth which is put through a blackout solution 3 times. This gives 100% blackout. Blackout linings are excellent not only for keeping sunlight out but also for keeping heat and cold in or out as the season demands. We also have a bonded blackout which is a blackout lining with a fleece backing, which gives an excellent finish to roman blinds and extra thickness to curtains. We also stock a flame retardant blackout lining which meets BS 5867 Pt 2B a copy of the certification is sent with every order.