Buckram and Pelmet Supplies

Welcome to our Buckram and Pelmet Supplies

Buckram is a stiffened white cotton fabric. It is used for creating hand made headings such as pinch and goblet pleats for curtains rather than using curtain tape. Buckram gives a wonderful finish to curtain headings and is the professional way to make curtains.

Buckram is available in light and heavy sew-in weights. Single fusible and double fusible buckrams have a heat activated adhesive on one or both sides. These buckrams are all available in 4, 5 and 6 inch widths

Translucent buckram in used for voiles and very sheer, light fabrics. This is 4 inches wide.

Pelmet buckram in a very stiff, heavy weight buckram which is fusible on one side. It is the modern equivalent of hessian buckram. This is available in 18 inch/45 cms wide rolls of 25 metres or can be bought by the metre

We also have available pelmet brackets, valance rails and brackets available