Curtain Eyelets

Metal eyelets for curtains

Made from solid brass and coated with metal or painted finishes. These metal eyelets must be applied to the fabric with a 1 ton press.

The advantage of brass is that it is a softer metal than steel and it moulds its shape in the press and is less likely to crack and become jammed on the fabric.

Rufflette Jupiter Rings for curtains

Always very popular these rings come in two pieces. They can be used either by themselves straight onto the fabric, with some buckram to stiffen the curtain heading or Solar Tape made by Rufflette. The advantage of using the Solar Tape is that it has strings at the back to hold the pleats in place.

Eyelet Rings and Tape for curtains

Made by Rufflette these single rings pop into a metal ring moulded onto the tape. The tape has plastic spacers at the rear of which keeps the folds into the curtains.