Curtain Eyelets and Eyelet Tape

Curtain Eyelets and Eyelet tape by the market leader Rufflette Inhome is a simple way of creating the ever popular eyelet headed curtains. The 3inch / 78mm white tape has metal rings and plastic spacers. The eyelet rings of your choice pop into the metal rings after the tape has been sewn onto the curtain fabric. The plastic spacers at the back then hold the curtains in folds of either 2 or 2 1/4 times fabric fullness.

The rings are available in black, gunmetal, matt nickel and shiny chrome, also antique brass, matt brass and shiny brass

Please allow one extra ring to ensure the correct starting position of the tape and there should be an even number of rings across the tape

These Eyelets must be used with the Eyelet tape and are designed to be used with a 28mm pole and have an internal diameter of  36 mm

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