Curtain Linings

Customers  spend a long time planning the colour and style of their curtains. Choosing the right linings are important they have a number of jobs. These are to protect the curtain face fabric from UV light to reduce fading. To provide more weight to improve hanging and drape, and to cut out heat and cold depending on the time of year. Our extensive range of linings produced by the leading manufacturer is used and trusted by our professional curtain making customers.

Poly cotton, 100% cotton sateen, Bonded, Thermal, Blackout and Fire Resistant curtain linings. All are top quality from the UK’s top lining producer. Here’s short explanation of each one and more details can be found in each product category.

Poly cottons are a mixture of cotton and polyester. Ideal for all curtains or blinds, and available in a range of prices and weights

100% cotton sateen linings are always popular. Ours come with the added benefit of  light protection coatings to protect beautiful fabrics, it is like suncream for curtains!

Bonded, Blackout, Thermal and Flame Resistant Curtain Linings

Bonded Linings are ideal for roman blinds they give body and depth to the folds.

Thermal lining is a lovely soft lining with a brushed back. For more body in curtains but without the interlining it ideal with a lovely soft drape.

Blackouts are ideal for all curtains and blinds. Depending on the season they help to keep heat and cold in or out.

British Standard flame resistant lining for public places in 100% cotton and blackout

We are always delighted to send free samples or give advice on our different linings just email or ring us on 01482 329099