Blackout Curtain Lining Fabric

Our Blackout curtain lining fabric is ideal if you want to….

reduce light to a minimum

reduce fading of the face fabric of your curtain,

improve the drape and body of your curtains

 increase the heat retention qualities of your curtains

cut down on noise from outside

would like a free sample

Get a great price – buy by the metre or a full roll with a discount

Buy  a top quality British product


Blackout linings have 3 coats of blackout which give it the 100% light exclusion. This 100% light exclusion also helps to reduce the fading of the face fabric of your curtains helping them to last longer. The blackout curtain lining will improve the drape and body of curtains. The blackout will also help to keep heat and cold in or out depending on the season. Also the blackout coatings help to insulate noise from outside.

All these advantages make blackout curtain lining fabric very useful for childrens’ bedrooms, shift workers, draughty rooms, and noisy locations.

We have two lovely flexible blackout  linings, a fire resistant version for public places and a fleece backed blackout for even extra body and thermal qualities.

All are available by the metre so you buy just what you need or in full rolls with a full roll discount.

All are made in the UK by the top curtain lining fabric manufacturer

Free samples of blackout curtain lining fabric

If you would like any free samples of these linings, or would like advice on which one would suit your situation the best please fill in our contact form or ring us on 01482 329099

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Showing all 4 results