Cotton Curtain Linings

100% cotton curtain linings are many professional curtain makers top choice to line the face fabric of their curtains. Reasons for this are the cotton lining improves drape, cuts out heat or cold and all our cotton linings have a ultra-violet coating which helps prevent fading of the face fabric of the curtain.

Our cotton curtain linings range include the top professional brands Chromasol, Solpruffe and Chromax.

These cotton curtain linings and our fire resistant cotton curtain lining have level 5 ultra-violet protection which protects against fading.

Platinum Plus cotton curtain lining has level 6 ultra-violet protection including an anti-damp coating.
All our linings are 137cm/54 inches wide

Free Samples

We are delighted to send free samples of as many linings as you wish just complete the contact form or ring us on 01482 329099

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Showing all 3 results