Feather Cushions

Lovely plump well filled duck feather cushions which are a firm favourite with our customers, 100% new sterilised duck feather with 100% cotton covers in ecru. Sizes 14,16,18,20,22,24 and 26 inches in square scatters, 13 x 17 and 15 x 19 inches in oblongs and 16 x 6 and 18 x 8 inches in bolsters, available individually and in full bags with a 10% discount.

Duck feathers are very light and trap air easily, meaning that cushion pads filled with duck feathers are light and fluffy. They keep their shape easily and last a long time without going flat. Duck feathers have a natural curl to them, which means that they spring back to their original shape quite easily. All our cushions are filled with small whole feathers not chopped, whole feathers give a more comfortable cushion and last longer and retain their shape better. The cotton cambric cover is closely woven to prevent feather loss.

Scatter cushions are used in any room of the house and ours are square or rectangular, bolster cushions are a cyclindrical cushion and look lovely on a bed or at the end of sofas.

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